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About Us

At Royal Paws we know how much your pet means to you, because we have our own pets that mean the world to us!

Our Story

After searching the web for a company to create a portrait for each of our pets, we realised that there were none in New Zealand and the cost associated with an overseas company was somewhat unreasonable. So, we created Royal Paws! We’re proud to be 100% New Zealand owned, operated and printed!

Our mission is to create personalised masterpieces for fellow pet owners. Our portraits are high quality and expertly crafted to warm your heart and provide unfailing entertainment! We’re also excited to continue the theme of regal bodies, with the picture utilised on various other objects such as on puzzles.

Why choose Royal Paws?

We understand the love pet owners have for their pets. That’s why we put care and love into creating a masterpiece of your fur baby. When you choose Royal Paws, you’re not only choosing the best, but you’re also choosing New Zealand made. Oh and did we mention FREE shipping on all orders?* (*NZ only).

Meet the Royal team:

Behind Royal Paws is two loved and very spoiled cats (Tix and Tofu), a Medical Laboratory Scientist, and a Business and Marketing major. 

          Royal Paws CEO - Tix Royal Paws Marketing Manager
                         Tix - CEO                               Tofu - Marketing Manager 
          Royal Paws cat slave  Royal Paws Cat slave
            ChanRiché - Cat Slave                         Sam - Cat Slave 

What does the future of Royal Paws look like besides portraits and puzzles?

Our dream would be to reach out and support local animal rescue groups. As two individuals who are passionate about the care and well-being of animals, we want to assist and support rescue groups. At Royal Paws we wholeheartedly believe in #adoptdontshop.

We also want to work alongside other New Zealand made pet businesses to promote high quality and natural pet products.

If you’re a rescue group or another NZ made pet business and is interested in forming a connection, please reach out to us at